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Fashion: A Knotty Affair

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Indian Fashion Summer Trend Knots
Fashion: A Knotty Affair
22 nd May 2012

Our Bollywood lasses seem to be stepping out in anti-fit cotton shirts, knotting them up over their outfits. The boho-grunge effect is almost immediate. This season’s knotted shirts come readymade, with the knots in place. Whether it’s actress Sonakshi Sinha’s knotted tee over a fitted yellow tee or actress Karisma Kapoor’s twist to the original knotted shirt,retro is taking over high street fashion in a big way. Fashion designer Pria Kataria Puri feels that it’s a very functional trend. “I’m doing it myself. Throw on a shirt over, in bright colours like electric blue or yellow, team it with dresses or t-shirts… it looks really nice,” says Pria adding that it is a practical trend. “It’ll be great for summer. But remembernot to show your navel unless you’re on the beach. Don’t go baring the midriff at a party, a mall, or lunch. It may end up looking trashy. It’s a very Bollywood trend, so don’t go overboard with the knotted shirt.”

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