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Fashion Designer Prashant Verma Turns His Hand To Acting

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Fashion Designer Prashant Verma Turns His Hand To Acting
13 th Oct 2015

Beginning his career as a designer working for big names like Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy and John Galliano, before going on to become one of the most desired labels in the Indian Fashion Industry, designer Prashant Verma said he was “exhausted” which explains his half a decade long break from work. Well maybe not a break exactly since he wasn’t lying on a beach or lazing round the house, but rather training as an actor. Verma has undergone a personal journey and has picked up a fresh perspective in his time away from the fashion industry as well as of course picking up some new skills.

Verma told IANS, "I clearly remember telling someone at my last show that I feel that I am exhausted. There were so many thoughts going inside my mind. I felt that I was not free and there was this constant urge to move out."

Prashant Verma made his long awaited debut return to fashion at Amazon India Fashion Week 2016, with his spring summer collection show. His show was one of the most interesting when speaking about presentation and story in the terms of how much it impacted the audience. It was his final walk as an old man riddled with prosthetic makeup that turned the most heads at the main show.

Prashant Verma claimed his story was about how we should all stop caring about what others think and be ourselves.

"The wonderful thing that happened to me is that I have stopped caring about people's perception and judgment. Everyone battles in their journey and I fail to believe when somebody say that they don't understand that how does it feel to be left out because everybody has faced this in some point of life.” Said Verma.

The fashion designer also pointed out that he has also been chasing a new direction with a career in acting. He is interested in doing some TV, film and theatre work, and maybe even turn his hand to directing eventually.

Image Source: Prashant Verma

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