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Prabal Gurung Dresses Celebrities

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Prabal Gurung Dresses Celebrities
Prabal Gurung Dresses Celebrities
02 nd Oct 2012

Prabal Gurung who has been crowned as a fashion’s new star is now dealing with celebrities. Effectively, he recently dresses Kate Middleton on her recent visit to Singapore with a purple-printed wool and silk-blend Oriental print dress. And many famous actresses like Kate Bosworth, Hailee Steinfeld or Zoe Saldana were at the front row, in his stunning outfits were present at his latest fashion show in New York. Living in Nepal and India, this Designer's collections are inspired by beautiful colours, fabrics and silhouettes of Asia.

This season, his collection was inspired by Indian Designer Anish Kapoor's art, which brought eastern influences to the collection. In a world that allows us to access images almost immediately, high-profile women like Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore and Lady Gaga, people really take notice of Prabal Gurung’s outfits. But Prabal Gurung doesn’t want to be associated with all women and said, “I will never dress people who are famous for being famous. I've said this before. I do not design clothes that leave little to the imagination. I want to make women feel beautiful, confident and feminine, and dress them in a way that compliments their figure and their personality rather than detracting from it.” Finally, for his loose-fitting summer collection this season, Gurung's inspiration was India.

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