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Pia Pauro Inspired by the Splendour of Italy

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Pia Pauro Inspired by the Splendour of Italy | Pia Pauro Presents her Collection at Campari Calendar Launch
Pia Pauro Inspired by the Splendour of Italy
11 th Jan 2015


Italy is always associated with beauty - whether it is their beautiful beaches, their fantastic restaurants serving delicious dishes, the cozy cafes and the picturesque islands. For this reason, Italy has always been a favourite for tourists and couples looking to travel to romantic destinations. Many designers, artists and creative minds get inspired by the beauty of Italy and Indian designer Pia Pauro joined this bandwagon.

Pia Pauro’s Spring Summer Collection for 2015 inspired by the beauty of Italy features tunics and kaftans with hand embroidery, printed silks and accessories. Pia’s new collection was showcased with Italian liquor brand, Campari at their international calendar launch in New Delhi recently. 9,999 of Campari’s calendars and collector pieces have been printed and presented by the brand for selected loyalists and guests. Teaming up with Pia to unveil her collection signifies the Indo-Italian collaboration.

While talking about her designs, Pia said that since she has spent many years travelling, she has tried to incorporate each of her experiences within her designs. She also mentions that her love for Italy began when she got engaged to a half-Italian. She mentions that her last collection was inspired by Africa and this time she felt that it’s time she showcased her passion for Italian. After she got married she has been discovering many interesting and unique aspects of Italy. The designer was awed by the romantic vibe of the country, the lifestyle, the savoury cuisines and the relaxed attitude of the locals. The designer has tried to incorporate all these characteristics into her collection.

To perfect this unique collection, Pia spent the whole in this European country where she soaked herself into the Italian lifestyle and explored new dimensions. She further says this collection is a fascinating blend of resort Indian bridal outfits incorporating the Italian way of life.

Regional Director of Asia Campari, Brad Timbrell allowed Pia to work without any restrictions or guidelines to keep her designs in line with aesthetic sensibilities of the Campari brand. With all the freedom, Pia’s Italian inspired collection is truly captivating!


Source: Miss Malini

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