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Floral Inspired Designer by Aneeth Arora

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Floral Inspired Designs by Indian Designer Aneeth Arora
Floral Inspired Designer by Aneeth Arora
01 st Oct 2014

Aneeth Arora spotted some flowers scattered across the roadside during her travels in Italy last year. These were white daisies with a yellow centre that the Italians called Margarita. The impression and the memory stayed with her, and eventually formed the inspiration for her latest collection. The designer is to showcase her Spring-Summer 2015 collection at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week that is to start in Delhi on 8th October. The designer is also to be the opening show for the fashion week.

“I was a bit sceptical because it’s a weekday and an afternoon slot and I wondered how many people would show up. But then it’s a privilege to be asked to open a fashion week. Since it’s the first show, I get more time to have an elaborate setting,” says the designer. While this collection retains her signature style — handwoven textiles, layered styling and breezy, earth feel — it’s also about a few firsts. “I am using embroideries from across the country for the first time. We’ve reinvented chikankari and there’s also very fine aari and zardozi work.”. She adds, “I have used some neon but it’s not a bold, loud collection. It’s subtle and goes with the Pero philosophy,” says Arora.

“Gardening is my second passion and the space I will create for the show will look every bit natural and organic. I planted seeds in tiny pots six months ago and some of them have flowers now — they are my giveaways this time,” says Arora.

Pic: Indian Express

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