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Aneeth Arora Reveals the Reason for Highly Priced Luxury Products

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Aneeth Arora Reveals the Reason for Highly Priced Luxury Products
Aneeth Arora Reveals the Reason for Highly Priced Luxury Products
16 th Nov 2014


Luxury brands are expensive: this is a matter of fact, but what is behind these high prices? Why would we have to afford them?

Everything depends on what that product or brand represents for us. Luxury brands have different characteristics, but the main one is that they provide an experience to the customers. Luxury brands have to constantly experiment in order to find new ways to satisfy their consumers. Indeed there are two kinds of consumers: regarding luxury industry, the ones which are interested more in the brand label than in the product itself, and the ones who don’t care about the brand and cult-products, but are more interested in the labour, quality and story of the products.

Selling a luxury product means selling meanings, services and intrinsic values imbued into every object. Nowadays people are always complaining about the high prices of luxury products, but the truth is that they do not take into consideration the effort of the craftspeople and the research necessary to create a single fashion piece.

Aneeth Arora knows this very well. Her label Péro is really appreciated and well-known by luxury consumers, but many customers are starting to complain about its high prices. It is really sad for the designer to hear that the customers, who have always appreciated her label for its finesse and craftsmanship, cannot longer afford the high prices. In the last five years the brand put a lot of effort to communicate its philosophy focused on the attention to details and the high quality materials used to create every piece.

The designer started in 2009 with her first collection presented at the Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai. Her collection used the skills of Jaipur craftspeople and every piece was accurately natural dyed, handwoven and hand-stitched. Unfortunately people didn’t seem to recognise the hard work that was behind them: they were just labelled as too expensive clothes.

The only person who understood her vision was the famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee who suggested her to carry on with her philosophy and to reduce just a little bit the hand work to compensate the costs. He forecasted her clothes to become really exclusive and valued items.

So she took his advice and soon people started to understand the value of old traditional handmade that imbued in her collections. Thus, after some years, she decided to relaunch her first collection, calling it “Labour of Love”. She returned to the 100% handmade products offering also personalised pieced when requested by the customer. Her pieces use mul Jamdani, Ajrak print that must be kept for a day after every process, dotted Bandhani, Ikats that required thousands and thousands of yarns for just one length, brass buttons made and applied on every garment by people in Rajasthan and finally hand-embroidery on each garment. All this labour is then put in a hand-stamped bag and delivered to the customer.

The idea behind this brand was born from her father’s Chikankari silk kurtas, completely handmade in Lucknow, with his initials on them. He had to wait three months before the silk arrived from Varanasi, but this is what make them so valuable for him and for her: the story behind their manufacture. According to what she said, this is what a luxury product represents. Aneeth Arora's brand philosophy is shared also by her collaborators and the craftspeople involved in the process: their salaries depend on their contribution, no negotiations are permitted as long as they put all their effort in the production and share the brand’s philosophy.

Customers must think about it. The price is high for a reason: all the labour, the high quality, the effort, the attention paid for every single piece is what makes it so valuable.

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