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Payal Pratap Singh Gets Advice from Husband Rajesh

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Payal Pratap Singh Gets Advice from Husband Rajesh Pratap Singh
Payal Pratap Singh Gets Advice from Husband Rajesh
02 nd Sep 2013

Payal Pratap Singh launched her first fashion brand in 2010. Since then, she has become a household name in Indian fashion, participating for the first time in 2013 in the Lakme Fashion Week as well as the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, Payal Pratap Singh looks set to continue towards becoming a legendary designer.

Yet the designer's bond with her husband, Rajesh Pratap Singh, has been a crucial element of her style and design sensibilities, she has revealed. 'We do discuss and take each others suggestions. It is always good to have someone who honestly critique my work,' Payal revealed.

Speaking about the pressure she felt to perform at her first fashion events this year, the designer said,'while it was inevitable to have an overload of pressure at the debut keeping the circumstances in mind, I tried to keep it in abeyance and instead focused my energies on the collection and showcasing my best, leaning on the years of experience that I already had while working over a decade with Rajesh.'

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