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Payal Jain - Fusing Music With Designs

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Payal Jain - Fusing Music With Designs
08 th May 2012

Designer Payal Jain, the name synonymous with the world of exotic fashion, has yet again launched an exquisite collection for her muse - a woman who loves to dress herself. Her collection 'Raga' is an amalgamation of international and Indian design sensibilities infuse with Payal's creative sense of styling.

Ace designer Payal Jain, who is known in the fashion world for her creative designs, has once again rolled on the 'Raga Collection' especially designed to celebrate women in an enriched way. Her designs are timeless and every piece in her collection has been carefully crafted to suitably go with the image of a modern day women.

The designer has always looked at new and challenging ways to design her collection with an integral detail of fabric and craftsmanship. Her collection is an infused result of an understanding of international style and haute couture.

Each ensemble of Payal has been designed to beautifully showcase the human body. Giving an ode to her mother her new collection Raga has given her the legacy of music and enriched her life with her musical journey.

"My growing years were deeply immersed in music, dance, art and aesthetics and I owe all my creative expressions to her. She remains my eternal inspiration and my passion for all art forms," says the evergreen charming designer.

The collection inspired by musical melodies, beauty, hue and colour recreates the sense of passion, love, desire, through an offering bedecked with a series of notes. There is 'Raga' for every time of the day and a special 'Dhwani' entwined with 'Swara' and 'Varna' illustrates the moods and colours of human emotions. Its expanse is varied and abundant like the horizon, it can span centuries and generations constantly evolving and reinventing its intricacies.

The collection is an endeavor to romance with those myriad moods, emotions and hues, in a poetic tapestry of silhouettes, forms and textures. The journey of this season begins from a day-wear look to structured and sculpted work-wear, sequined jumpsuits, chic cocktail dresses, long sensual gowns, elaborate, full flowing exotic evening ensembles and finally elegant saris draped with romantic corsets.

The palette of colors ranges from delicate creams to passionate rouges and finally dark and glamorous blacks. The textiles used are a vast and versatile medley of decadent textured silk jerseys, iridescent crepe georgette, voluminous silk taffeta, delicate stretch lace, elaborate appliqu├ęd jersey and sequined silk shantung.

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