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Nivedita Saboo Revisits the Ancient Craft of Chikan

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Nivedita Saboo | Indian Designer Clothes | Chikan Craft Revisited
Nivedita Saboo Revisits the Ancient Craft of Chikan
26 th Jun 2014

Nivedita Saboo is a Pune-based fashion designer who has just launched her new collection. The main idea behind this new line was to try to revive the ancient Indian craft tradition combining Chikankari with other more contemporary ones.

The result is a Pune fusion style which is bespoke and very unique - everything from the colour to the embroidery and design to match the taste of a larger local audience who are open to new fashion experiments.

For example, the traditional elegant chikan embroidery technique is revisited in brighter colours instead of the typical pastel tones, thus making it a versatile choice, suitable for every season.

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