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Mehta and Lulla's new collections

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Mehta and Lulla's new collections - Indian Clothes
Mehta and Lulla's new collections
01 st Mar 2014


Fashion Designers Nikita Lulla and Arpita Mehta decided to make voyaging the theme of their collections, which will be seen on the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2014.
Nishka Lulla’s collection is named “flyawayflyaway”, and it features looks that are functional and sporty but also reflecting of flighty mood. Nishka describes it saying:  "The colour palette, prints and embellishments are not only symbolic of the various stages in the journey of a traveller but also highlight the key elements that have proved to be inspirational and connect with specific aspects of this passage; the gravel in the earth, the blooming bougainvillea, chequered prints that represent windows to the world and the melting snow-capped peaks."
Arpita Mehta’s collection was inspired by her holiday in the magical island of Mykonos and its named Paradiso, in order to highlight the sense of beauty, delight and extreme happiness felt during her journey. Arpita said, "The easiness and flow of the island is exemplified in the drapes and silhouettes whereas the aesthetics is depicted in the embellishments".

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