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Nikhil Thampi's New Collection Inspired by Grandmother's Elegance

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Indian designer Nikhil Thampi  new collection inspired by grandmother's elegance
Nikhil Thampi's New Collection Inspired by Grandmother's Elegance
11 th Aug 2013

Indian designer Nikhil Thampi is delighted to be showcasing his latest collection at Lakme Fashion week - starting on August 23. The designer said he took inspiration from his grandmother, " The collection is dear to my heart as the inspiration stems from my grandmother's sense of style and cultural influence. My grandmother is fond of silk saris and putting up a bindi," he said.

Nikhil said he had included the international fall with dominant trend of punk in classic Indian silhouettes. As he has no background in fashion, Nikhil let his imagination run wild to make his Indian “Punk” collection. His Indian silhouettes are an edgy mix of semi-Indian styles such as full-length kurtas, boxy lehengas and short sarees. From classic linens and cottons to silk with contemporary designs, Nikhil Thampi has used traditional fabrics and textures.

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