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Nida Mahmood's Tips for Wearing a Saree

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Indian Designer Nida Mahmood's Tips for Wearing a Saree, Sari
Nida Mahmood's Tips for Wearing a Saree
16 th Jul 2013

The saree is the quintessential item of Indian fashion. It is always elegant, and can be colourful, glamorous or low-key according to the specific look one aims to achieve; in short, it is extremely versatile. But often the hassle of wearing a saree prevents women from choosing the item for their daywear. Designer Nida Mahmood explains how choosing a saree can, in fact, be simple.

Mahmood suggests draping a saree over leggings or slim-fit denims. She suggests that, rather than opting to wear a blouse, one can simply choose a t-shirt or a spaghetti top. For embellishments Mahmood recommends embroidery or sequins on the saree border.

Designer Anand Kabra also weighed in on the subject, suggesting that women should experiment with their sarees, wearing them as skirts or gowns, or simply draping them the way the Grecians did. He wants to bring the saree's versatility back into common practise.

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