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Timeless Elegance of Lace

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Timeless Elegance of Lace by Indian Fashion Designer Neeta Lulla
Timeless Elegance of Lace
13 th Nov 2014

Generation after generation, lace has been used as a fabric either delicately or simply. Each era has discovered its own approach to using this fabric in a creative fashion. Till date, lace still attracts designers and stylists and has never completely been discarded from the stylish outfits that are currently seen on the runway.

Indian designer Neeta Lulla who is based in Mumbai uses lace abundantly and has included it in her collections and designs for the past 8 years. She was quoted saying lace is one of the most charming fabrics to work and be creative with. She is also well known for her beautiful chantilly lace sarees that have bursts of shine and shimmer with sheer. Over the years, Lulla also combined lace with kanjeevarams, banarasi, lycra, mull and khadi. The amount of lace detailing she uses on her outfits also depends on the season. Festive seasons boast an extravagance of lace detailing while spring/ summer collections are more minimalistic and simple. Further she says that her couture label can afford to use a large amount of lace whereas her pret line is simpler. Even though lace is commonly used with pastel tones, Lulla said that the fabric could work well with dark colours and neon; though her all time favourite is pairing the fabric with a quintessential gold or ivory chantilly lace that she has profusely used this season.

Designer Anushree Reddy from Hyderabad also believes that a chantilly lace gold saree never goes out of fashion and can always be an heirloom piece that is passed over generations. Anushree Reddy loves giving lace a vintage look as seen in her designs by using lace borders over floral blouses and skirts that have lace piping. Reddy also mentions that lace can be a risky fabric to use because if used in the wrong manner it can give outfits a tacky look.

Delhi based designer Manish Gupta has used lace as the trademark material for adorning outfits with detail. Whether he uses silk or cotton lace, he uses the fabric exquisitely through embroidery to give outfits a three-dimensional look. He further says that he first experimented with the fabric three years ago and he realised that it gave outfits a stunning textured look that could be used for any outfit for any season. Manish Gupta prefers keeping some of his designers understated and for this reason he primarily uses the lace embroidery in the same shade of the fabric but sometimes does experiment with contrast colours as well. 

Prominent designers for their couture labels consider lace a timeless fabric due to its explicit use. Lace is not only exclusive to couture designers recently as even fast fashion brands such as Forever 21, Zara and Aldo use an abundance of lace because of its elegant look. Lace always gives women a gentle, elegant and feminine look that is beautiful when paired with statement crystal or diamond jewellery.

Lace has not been limited to clothing but is also seen in a number of accessories like crochet lace necklaces as well. It has definitely stood the test of time and is definitely one of fashions most loved and used fabric that remain timeless and elegance. 

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