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Neeta Lulla on Traditional and Modern Fashion

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Indian Designer Neeta Lulla on Tradition and Modern Fashion
Neeta Lulla on Traditional and Modern Fashion
19 th Jul 2013

Since launching her career in the 1980s, Neeta Lulla has become one of the best-known icons in the fashion industry. According to the designer, "only two sensibilities" existed in that era: "western" or "fusion" wear.

Breaking the mould, Lulla has created unique styles across the years of her career, with her latest creations, modern takes on thevery traditional Kanjeevaram and Kalamkari, set to be showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week in August.

"India is a country that’s so rich in tradition, there are many fabrics that can be revived in a manner that has global appeal. With the Kanjeevaram, there is a perception that it can only be worn as a sari, because it’s thought of as very stiff. On the other hand, today’s dressing is very elegant, soft, free flowing. So my task was to give this (Kanjeevaram) a very contemporary look,” says Neeta of her new collection.

The designer described how historical fashion has inspired her creations, stating that “it has always been the Renaissance and the Romantic era that I relate to and am inspired by. I don’t change that ‘feel’, I change the design — the essence, inspiration, core always remain the same. Even if I am designing bridal wear, the ‘feel’ may be traditional, but the cut will be something that comes from the Edwardian era. That (juxtaposition) comes naturally to me now.

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