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Neeta Lulla School of Fashion to Open in August

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Neeta Lulla - Neeta Lulla School of Fashion to Open in August
Neeta Lulla School of Fashion to Open in August
21 st May 2013

During a briefing which took place last week at Four Seasons Hotel, Neeta Lulla and the Indian film producter Subhash Ghai affirmed her School of Fashion will open this year.

The founder and chairman said Ghai links Indian Fashion to Indian movies. The Whistling Woods – Neeta Lulla School of Fashion (WWNL) will open its doors to students from August 2013. The main objective of Neeta Lulla, who will obviously lead the school, is to educate the future fashion designers and the next professionals of fashion industry.

Neeta Lulla, who has 4 times won the National Award for Best Costume Design, talked about the pride she feels “When I started out in the fashion industry, there were limited options available within fashion education in India, but today it gives me great pride to announce a school of fashion that will train aspirants to excel at the highest levels. I could not see a better fit than Whistling Woods to partner with and to launch a structured comprehensive school of Fashion”. Students will run different diplomas, as the Diploma in Fashion Design (1-year) and the Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design (2-years).

The best European teachers would be invited to carry out guest lectures.

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