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Neeta Lulla Goes Back to her South Roots

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Indian Fashion Designer Neeta Lulla Goes Back to Her South Roots
Neeta Lulla Goes Back to her South Roots
10 th Jul 2013

Fashion designer Neeta Lulla's upcoming festive collection is the Kanjeevaram and Kalamkari collection. She goes back to her roots and focuses on reinventing the traditional fabrics from the south by giving them a chic and contemporary look. She pays tribute to the heritage fabric, Kanjeevaram, and redefines the Srikalahasti style of Kalamkari.

With the Kalamkari collection, Neeta pays patronage to the Indian art. The collection brings out the marriage of Kalamkari's rich inspirations of renaissance with a modern take to the overall ensemble.

With her upcoming festive collection, Neeta has reinvented the Kanjeevaram and Kalamkari by using it with various other textures and fabrics, thereby giving it a contemporary feel for a more global appeal.

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