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Neeta Lulla and Fashion-Forward Indoreans

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Famous Indian Fashion Designer Neeta Lulla Fashion-Forward Indoreans
Neeta Lulla and Fashion-Forward Indoreans
05 th Feb 2013

Indian fashion designer, Neeta Lulla, spoke about the fashion-forward Indoreans (from the city of Indore). She said, "Knowledge of fashion is not limited to Bollywood stars and their attire. Now, from your pair of socks to a bridal lehenga, fashion is an integral part of life of the Indian middle class. Outfits created for fashion shows are not just meant for the designer's photo opportunity to attain his claim to fame. Designing dresses is a serious business. But that extra stroke of creativity is only limited to ramp shows. People wouldn't walk in their neighbourhood wearing electric blue dresses, will they?"

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