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Jewellery worth Over Rs. 5 crores in Rudhramadevi

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Indian Designer Neeta Lulla Designs outfits for Bollywood star Anushka Shetty For Gunasakhar Movie Rudhramadevi
Jewellery worth Over Rs. 5 crores in Rudhramadevi
24 th Apr 2014

Indian film director Gunasekhar will be having yet another grand set in his upcoming movie Rudhramadevi 3D, which will be his most expensive project to date.

Gunasekhar has revealed that, "Jewellery worth over Rs.5 crores is being used in the making of Rudhramadevi to bring extreme authenticity to the character's makeup & dressing."

The costumes used in the movie are designed by Neeta Lulla, providing several special looks for lead actress Anushka Shetty.

This film which is set in the 14th century when the Kakatiya empire was at the height of its power, will surely provide a great experience for viewers.

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