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Being a Fashion Designer lets me Project my Philosophy

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Bipasha Basu in a Lehenga by Neeta Lulla at the IIJW 2014
Being a Fashion Designer lets me Project my Philosophy
22 nd Aug 2014

Neeta Lulla says that becoming a fashion designer was “not on her agenda.” However, as a child, the designer spent many hours reading books on fashion that her father bought for her. She’d try out various styles of draping scarves, for instance, and her passion gradually metamorphosed into a full-fledged career.

“My first ever assignment was to design khadi and linen tunics with brocade. The first film I designed for was Tamacha, sometime in the 80s,” she says. There has been an evolution both in the industry and in the customer's expectations from the designers in the industry. The designer says, "Earlier, consumers would take time to adopt fashion trends. Today, though, with technology and media, even smaller towns are quick to pick up global fashion trends.”

Neeta Lulla believes that the young designers need to have a good quality technical education and balance that with creativity. She says, “Creativity is crucial, but without knowledge, you cannot be successful. Fashion is not just about glamour and glitz; it has its own challenges. So one must be equipped to face them.” A typical day for Lulla involves planning, organising, checking new collections, themes, design cuts, fabrics, trying out new embroidery patterns, accessories, and so on. “As a designer, you will be under media glare and people will point out your flaws and criticise you. But you must take it positively,” she says.

Being a designer is a great way for her to express herself. She says, “It allows me to project my philosophy, thoughts and emotions through my work. It helps you create something new and make a difference to society and consumers."


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