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Neeru Kumar's Profile

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Indian Designer Neeru Kumar's Red Tunic
Neeru Kumar's Profile
04 th Jul 2012

Neeru Kumar, a rare and inspiring talent, is India's leading textile designer for the last three decades. Her name is synonymous with textiles and high fashion, and is known around the globe for integrating India's unique handloom skills into mainstream fashion and home décor solutions. The combination of her unique sensibility, her profound knowledge of the weaving process and other textile techniques, as well as her commitment to support craft sector has made such innovation possible. She has generated an exciting, original and extremely contemporary design palette, while at the same time pushing forward the frontiers of the traditional skills on which her work is based. A 1980 graduate of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Neeru made her first commercial breakthrough in 1989 with her signature ‘First Design’, a black tussar weave, which was acclaimed internationally. Often described by the media as a designer who had achieved a rare synergy between classic textile craft and contemporary design, her work if often termed ‘contemporary classic’. Neeru’s label covers a range of products including shawls, scarves, ready to wear garments and home furnishings. New lines and products are emerging all the time as a team of young designers work with Neeru at her studio, exploring every conceivable textile technique to discover new possibilities. Shop Indian Designer Womenswear at Strand of Silk

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