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Never Felt The Need to Be Gay

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Indian Desiner Narendra Kumar
Never Felt The Need to Be Gay
01 st Dec 2010

One of the most reputed fashion designers in India, Narendra Kumar joined Rediff for a chat on careers in the fashion industry.

Narendra Kumar, a graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology (Delhi) has been in the industry for over two decades now and has worked as a consultant for stores across India and also designs fashion lines under an eponymous label.

He took questions about careers, styling and dispelled myths about the fashion industry in a chat on December 3, 2010

Narendra Kumar says, Hello! This is Narendra Kumar signing into Rediff Chat
Vimal Mallick asked, I am doing my final year Bsc FD from INIFD please advise how I should enter the industry to work under a reputed designer. Thanks

Narendra Kumar answers, It is most important that you first have a complete portfolio that showcases your talent -- this should include illustrations conceptulising ideas, constructing garments and presentation. As important today is to have good computer skills as in photo shop and corel draw inDesign etc... depending on the area you want to work in -- mass market or high end design -- these skills of great use.

MUNNIVSSHEELA asked, Hello Sir, What do you think whoes clothes is better and hot. Munni or Sheela ?

Narendra Kumar answers, both look great the only difference is Munni was covered and Sheila is uncovered :-)

yuvika asked, I am in Benaras, and want to pursue career in fashion, which is the best institute?

Narendra Kumar answers, There are three really good institutes today -- NIFT, Pearl Academy in Delhi where there is emphasis on actual industrial training and NID which has focus on conceptual design weighing heavily towards textile. Since you come from a textile city NID might be the one for you.

harion asked, what course should i do for business in fashion, i am not intested in the designing/ creative aspect?

Narendra Kumar answers, The course to do is Apparel Merchandising and Marketing at NIFT or at Institute of Apparel Management in Delhi. There is also a similar course available at Pearl Academy in Delhi.

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