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Sporty-Chic is the New Cool in Indian Fashion

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Indian Fashion Designer Namrata Joshipura and her Sporty- Chic New Collection
Sporty-Chic is the New Cool in Indian Fashion
23 rd Apr 2014


High fashion labels such as Gucci and Chanel have started creating their own designer sneakers and trainers. This has allowed their fashion to become more accessible. Bringing these high styles to the people through creating street-wear is new and alarming to some who are used to couture being placed on a pedestal in a rarefied space.

Since the fashion guru and Chanel showstopper, Cara Delevingne stated that she hated heels it sent reverberations through the fashion spheres and now Sneakers are the new cool!

This is true also of Indian designer Namrata Joshipura whose collection was showcased at the finale of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week last month. Her collection was inspired by sport revealing the designer’s love for running.


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