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Namrata Joshipura on 99 Labels

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Indian Clothing Designer Namrata Joshipura on 99 Labels
Namrata Joshipura on 99 Labels
14 th Aug 2012
Indian Designer Namrata Joshipura, based in Delhi, is normally the one to take the lead to praise her associates and never hesitates to highlight the lapses of professionalism in the world of fashion. Last Saturday she experienced a rough shock, when a customer gave her a call to tell that a signature sequin top, that she bought from Namrata´s store was being offered by 99labels, a fashion portal for a lower price. Investigating more in detail, Namrata Joshipura found out that besides that fact, 99 labels was using a picture of Priyanka Chopra in a blue coloured version of the top selling the garment. After questioning the portal, Namrata received a lot of excuses explaining that a supplier had sold it to them sending over the image. When the designer wanted to know why 99labels didn´t check, she was told that they only they are only verifying in case they sell international brands to assure no copies are sold. For Namrata Joshipura the issue was certain: Why should Indian designers not be protected from pagiarism like their international colleagues? The portal has taken the piece out of their product range for now, but that shows how bothersome the fashion business can get for Indian designers. Since fashion becomes increasingly democratic, popular and marketable in India, it´s important that the industry wakes up and actually acts against those threats of plagiarism, either through a consortium or a mighty organization like FDCI. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________Shop Contemporary Indian Fashion at Strand of Silk

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