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I am obsessed with my Star Wars T-shirt

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Indian Fashion Designer Namrata Joshipura | I am obsessed with my Star Wars T-shirt
I am obsessed with my Star Wars T-shirt
25 th Aug 2014

Namrata Joshi's latest collection, titled elecTRON is a reflection of her love for technology and sci-fi movies.

“I love technology and am fascinated by sci-fi movies. Blade Runner is my favourite and I even had a collection by that name,” she says. It started with Star Trek...she was drawn to it. The fitted costumes and broad belts captured her attention. “I was young then and had no idea that one day I would be following up on that for my collection,” says the designer. She adds, “I have a child who goes to school and yet I am obsessed with my Star Wars T-shirt.”

Namrata Joshipura has worked with a sci-fi theme earlier and is in her comfort zone while experimenting around this theme to create collections. She says, “This doesn't intimidate me. But if I have to do period costume I won’t know what to do.”

“Since it’s an autumn winter line some of the jackets and clothes are really heavy. So I added tops, tunics and dresses that will suit the Chennai climate. I have used georgette, jersey, sunray pleating in metallic gold and black...” There’s a lot of textured embellishment that’s gone into it. “My obsession for flowers will never die. I have used floral prints but these are graphic and edgy; circuit-like textures, DNA patterns using sequins and crystals.”

The collection includes Sarees and Cocktail Gowns with colours that include earthen and pastel shades - an un-usual departure for a sci-fi theme. “There’s something for everyone — from 20 to 50 years olds,” says the designer, adding, “My clientele in Chennai is very discerning. They know the look they want to project. They don’t care about fads. If the older crowd likes an outfit they ask me ‘tell me how can you make it to suit me?’

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