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'What Bollywood Wears In Cannes Is Followed Globally'

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Fashion designer 'What Bollywood Wears In Cannes Is Followed Globally'
'What Bollywood Wears In Cannes Is Followed Globally'
22 nd Apr 2013

Naeem Khan is currently one of the most popular couture designers in the world. His creations are worn by many celebrities such as Beyonce, Penelope Cruz or the American first lady Michelle Obama. Naeem explains why Bollywood is becoming increasingly popular: "Bollywood industry has become global. Today what they are wearing in Cannes, or in Hollywood, it all melts into one part. What Bollywood wears at Cannes is followed internationally." The famous designer also says that he is ready to do things in India now, including working with Bollywood: "I had not shown interest in doing things in India earlier because I have been so busy with my business abroad. But, now I think the timing is right. People are more global. You look at the movies here... it's all becoming a big global market."

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