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Nachiket Barve's Overwhelming Colour Palette

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Indian Fashion - Indian Fashion Designer Nachiket Barve - WIFW SS 13
Nachiket Barve's Overwhelming Colour Palette
11 th Oct 2012

Nachiket Barve's influences included humming birds, blooming orchids and nature's bounty in full purview - with a palette bursting in fruity and washed colours, derived from the palatial 'Haciendas'. Pre-pleated and jumpsuit sarees fused in an explosion of pattern, colour and construction apply a coat of freshness to an ageing fashion scenario. Designer Nachiket Barve clarifies that the "attitude is laidback but the approach is modern. The peplum look is flattering to all body types and is a trendsetter," agrees Nachiket, agreeing with fellow designer Anupama Dayal. The colour scheme was really the highpoint of Nachiket's collection. The intricate geometry of Peruvian and Guatemalan woven textiles splashed in fruity colours like melon, avocado, papaya, olive, paprika, apricot and mustard was a skilled display of art by the designer. Ask him about his obsession with colours and Nachiket says, "Colours make you happy and we Indians are proud of colours that define a global Indian woman."

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