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Meera Mahadevia's Passion

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Meera Mahadevia Bag
Meera Mahadevia's Passion
17 th Jul 2010

Meera Mahadevia’s new collection titled as ‘Unconventional Passion’ is a line of handbags which can be well teamed with the couture attire. The designer’s Luxury Handbag offers a distinctive blend of brass and copper embellished with wood carvings, marble inlays, silver engravings, semi-precious stones, antique frames, and spiritual emblems.  Each handbag is detailed to a fine precision using the most artistic manufacturing tool of all time: the human hand.

The inspiration is drawn from exquisitely unconventional women like the Tibetan Goddess Tara and Krishan’s Meera Bai, whose spirituality and passion were nothing short of miraculous. Sharing her thoughts about the inspiration behind the collection, Meera said, “It’s all about creativity. In earlier times, creativity never seeks the help of any trend reports or forecast. Through this collection, the sole inspiration is creativity doesn’t depend on any limitations, it’s free flowing and one can keep it under restrictions.” With devoted women like Meerabai and Tara as the force of motivation, the designer feels reaching God or attaining salvation doesn’t have anything to do with the structured norms, creativity is similar to that.

She has used semi-precious stone, ghungroos, payal, anklets, symbolic elements, beautifully woven fabric and Halkari work as her key elements. Her collection is a result of this seamless passion, spiritual journey which comes from a desertion of any norm.

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