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Indian on Meera Mahadevia's Bags

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Hand Bags by Indian Designer Meera Mahadevia
Indian on Meera Mahadevia's Bags
24 th May 2011

She's a cult queen in customised accessories. Even Angelina Jolie loves her funky bags. She's got India on her bags -- the motifs, funky designs and ethnic fabrics. Meet Meera Mahadevia, the stylish 'accessory' designer, who has stormed the world with her 'heirloom bags, belts and sandals.' Sensuality in a bag and belt! She makes a woman look sensual with a bracelet or 'kamarband'. She's innvovated trousseau bags and turned her entrepreneurial success into a huge business. She says, "You just have to be on top of everything and be innovative." Her inspiration: "It comes from travelling which makes me more creative; my mind likes to wander in creative spaces." Party bags with kitsch! Her zardozi batuas are most-wanted items by some of world's leading celebrities. Bollywood actress Rekha carries her bags, Parmeshwar Godrej walks in her sandals, Malaika Arora Khan flaunts her broad belts, Kirron Kher matches every sari with her bags; so does Sunita Kapoor, Diana Hayden and Bipasha Basu. The Queen of Accessories started small, but knew accessories will be the future. "I started real small. But now, I have a big factory which makes accessories using India's traditional crafts, weaves and embroideries." Wooing the West! The West immediately lapped up the energy in her designs. "My accessories are like pieces of art, which can be passed down from one generation to the next. In fact, my accessories are handcrafted. I don't use leather. We do a lot of metal work. Our shoes have engraved metal heels and buckles for the custom-made shoes and bags."

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