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Masaba Gupta Counters Counterfeiting

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Indian Fashion designer Masaba Gupta against counterfeiting
Masaba Gupta Counters Counterfeiting
23 rd Jun 2014

The acclaimed young Indian Designer Masaba Gupta, that presently is both the Creative Director of Satya Paul and Creative Head of House of Masaba, has decided to beat the counterfeiters in the industry by making her own collection of elegant and affordable dresses and accessories for “young girls on tight budgets”.

“Why buy a fake when you can get the original at the same price?” announced the fashion designer on her website.

“I remember three college girls coming to my Juhu, Mumbai, store once and pitching in to buy one sari, which they said they would share,” the designer added. “This pays tribute to the pocket-money phase, which restricts teenagers, who want to explore their personal style, but don’t always have the means to do so” she continued.

Speaking about her potential customer and the marketplace, she declared “The Masaba buyer is a girl in her 20s. Masaba Lite is aimed at someone younger. We’re aware that we need to keep the identities of the two labels very distinct so that they don’t overlap and eat into each other’s market share”.

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