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Masaba and her Successful Collaborations

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Indian Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta and her Successful Collaborations
Masaba and her Successful Collaborations
14 th Nov 2014

Masaba Gupta realised that she was catering to younger generations with her styles as well, when three teenagers visited her store and pooled their money together to buy a saree by her that they could all share. The ‘gen next’ designer says that she’s often had the younger generation complimenting her prints and this was the reason for her launching Masaba Lite.

The talented designer was also the youngest designer to showcase her designs at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in 2010. Masaba’s designs are very edgy and modern and this is the reason she has young and budding fashionistas appreciating her designs. Sarees from her main label – House of Masaba are sought after with older women between the age 40 and 50 while younger shoppers prefer her classic print tunics and dresses. With Masaba Lite, the designer can reach out to teenagers who want to buy her styles at a price they can afford. This collection also features heavy prints and outfits that these girls can wear at college.

The designer collaborated with an online retailer and Chetan Bhagat to promote her designs. Her collaboration with Chetan Bhagat was interesting and was intended to offer a range of accessories for his new novel- Half Girlfriend; the prints were made according to the novel and its cover.

This collection named Masaba Lite for Chetan Bhagat is a young, trendy, easy on the pockets and even features sarees with signatures of the author.

Masaba also partnered with ITC Fiama di Wills to create an exclusive series of high-end bath products themed around gemstones including ruby, diamond and aquamarine stones to match ready-to-wear pieces with the scent and energy of these stones. She showcased this collaboration at Wills India Fashion Week in October.

Her ready-to-wear collection was different from her other collections as it included embellishments. Masaba’s style is statement, vibrant and chic which is also seen in this collection as she has tried to mix zodiac prints and gemstones. For example she mixes the Capricon sign with a parachute attached to a goat and used patakas with the Leo zodiac sign as Leo’s tend to be feisty! Masaba definitely has an interesting play on her designs bringing an element of fun to her striking pieces!

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