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Indian Designer Masaba Gupta Talks about Her Inspiration

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Indian designer Masaba Gupta and her designer sarees
Indian Designer Masaba Gupta Talks about Her Inspiration
25 th Apr 2014

Masaba Gupta is 24 and already at the head of one of the most famous fashion houses in India - Satya Paul.

She stated, “I feel inspiration is very random and I don’t know if you can actually sit down and say ‘oh I’m inspired by nature or by marine life or whatever’ Inspiration could be an experience you’ve had or a book you’ve read or a person you’ve met. My whole Satya Paul line is based on a story. It keeps changing because so many things keep happening to you on a day-to-day basis.”

Gupta will be showcasing her collection at Numaish Summer Show in Dubai on Saturday. Gupta has not created a bridal line yet however her sarees are so successful that everyone who loves sarees will have at least one of hers in their wardrobe.

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