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DCW 2013: Masaba Gupta's Collection

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DCW 2013: Masaba Gupta's Collection
06 th Aug 2013

Masaba Gupta showcased her latest 'Demi Couture Collection' for Satya Paul on the third day of the Delhi Couture Week. The collection included tailcoat jackets paired with lace shararas, elegant gowns embellished with high necklines and beautiful sarees draped over jumpsuits. In particular, Masaba explained that her collection was a very down to earth approach to couture.

In her words, "I find people in India are finally warming up for couture in a different sense because I think couture is not bridal. Couture is couture and what is showed today is Demi couture because my design aesthetic is not very extravagant or opulent clothing".

Talking about the fabrics used, she added: "My collection is for a modern bride and I hope the collection sets a trend for forthcoming wedding season. Also, there's no embroidery done on the garments. I have X-rayed prints like botanical flowers".

Bollywood actors Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor walked the ramp as showstoppers instead of Sonam Kapoor, who unfortunately announced that she was not available on that evening.

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