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Men Aren't Colour-shy Anymore

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Indian Fashion Designer Manoviraj Khosla
Men Aren't Colour-shy Anymore
29 th Jun 2011
A splash of colour can win hearts, brighten moods, bring a spring to the step and is definitely welcome to the eyes. No wonder men don’t seem to shy away from adding a dash of colour to their outfits and are opting for suits or jackets in vibrant colours. And apart from keeping in mind colours that are ruling the season, more often than not, they follow their hearts. Designer Manoviraj Khosla who swears by coloured suits and wears a lot of it himself feels that the one and only criteria to carry off the look is confidence. “Of course, the physique also matters — one needs to be lean and fit — but what matters most is the attitude to carry off colours,” he says, adding, “I’ve always loved my colours. Be it on suits, formal jackets or waistcoats, I’ve got them in lemon green, red, light blue, yellow, orange and so on.” Quiz him on what would be the most appropriate time to be seen in one and Manoviraj says, “I have worn them both during the day and in the evening.” Designer Sayon Mitra advocates coloured jackets in a lot of his designs and has taken the look a step forward in the form of coloured embroidered bandhgala jackets. “It’s a look for all seasons and any time of the day and the confidence to carry off the look is all one needs. Also, being big built helps but one must keep in mind never to opt for this look just because others are trying it too. Colours like pink, red, camel, peach, light yellow, lilac, olive green, rust, powder blue and rust are some of the shades that have made it to men’s jackets,” he informs, adding, “A coloured linen jacket is ideal summer wear and can be sported any time of the day.” In fact, short bandhgala jackets too are becoming quite popular for special days, says Sayon. “Bandhgala jackets in saffron, rust, green, red or even blue are doing the rounds and makes for an all-season wear,” he quips. Photographer Waseem Khan, who advocates a variety of colours, feels that it’s his love of colours that’s responsible for him being seen often in coloured suits. “I don’t like to be boring, which is why I like to add colours to suit my lifestyle. In fact, the classic has never excited me and I’d like to stand out in a crowd always,” he states. For starters, Waseem knows perfectly well what suits him and doesn’t believe in flaunting a colour for the sake of it. “I have beige, lime green, yellow, purple and the likes in my wardrobe but I must say it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea,” he says, adding, “Apart from the confidence, a certain amount of common sense matters when it comes to colours.”

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