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Manoviraj Khosla: Wear the Flag

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Indian Fashion Designer Manoviraj Khosla
Manoviraj Khosla: Wear the Flag
15 th Aug 2011
It’s that day of the year when you might be wearing a tri-colour badge or waving a flag to show your love for your country, but are you teaming the three colours of the Indian flag in your outfit? If not, do so and do it the right way! Orange, green and white are versatile colours and if aesthetically worn, they can create waves. We got city designers to tell us how best they would use the tri-colours to make the perfect I-Day outfit. While some say that the exact shades of the flag may be a bit jarring, Manoviraj Khosla insists that the exact shades work very well with an overall white ensemble. “I’d have a white jacket with an orange and green trim on collar and sleeve with a white tee and pants. The mixture of orange and green on an all white is so that the colours stand out.” But, if not the exact shades of the flag, “Well, it would have to be an orange jacket, white tee and green cut-offs.” But, if orange and green is not a combination you would like on clothes, designer Anu Nagappa says that it could work very well when accessorised. Using the latest trend in designs with these colours would make one look very chic and in tune with their fashionable side. “The trend of colour blocking is in right now and orange, white and green would make a lovely combination. But, I would also make use of accessories. So, a white shirt or blouse teamed up with green trouser and an orange handbag would make for a great look!” Anu is also of the opinion that the exact shades of the flag are too jarring to be worn. “I think muted shades of the colours would look better, and not everyone can carry off bright shades. So, I’d do a bottle or emerald green and a burnt orange for the above look.” While the three colours can be put to good use in any outfit, Indian or western, how can we forget the blue of the Chakra? Designer Sanchita Ajjampur says that she has previously incorporated the Chakra in a simple tee. There are many different ways in which flag colours could be played into clothing and one’s sense of styling. Like the tees I did, I splashed different colours to fuse a vibrant look and not make it look obviously flag inspired!” So, flaunt your freedom and have a happy Independence Day!

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