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Manoviraj Khosla-Trendy Slippers

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Indian Designer Manoviraj Khosla talks of unique designerwear slippers for men
Manoviraj Khosla-Trendy Slippers
17 th Feb 2011

Q: According to you, what is the biggest fashion faux pas a man can commit?
Men go overboard at times, and often wear clothes that they are not comfortable in. It’s better to sport something that goes with your style rather than fit into something that you can’t carry. Apart from this, I’ve also seen several men not adhering to a dress code for events that require them to do so. While women are dressed right, it is important for men also to dress right. A simple tee and denim for every event is just not the way to go!

Q: What are your suggestions for three must-haves in a man’s wardrobe?
Linen jackets in nice colours are a must. Apart from linen, a formal jacket is also a definite buy for men. By formal, I don’t mean the blazers. But the ones you can sport at work and other important meetings too. Lastly, a collection of trendy footwear is also a must-have in a man’s wardrobe.

Q: What are some of the trends that are going to be big this year, in men’s fashion?
The fitted look will be back in action this year, and is sure to make a big difference in men’s wear. Apart from that, even twisted jackets will become a trend.

In terms of accessories, what are some of the trends that we can look out for?
Usually, footwear for men tops the list when it comes to accessories. However, it’s going to be the different varieties of hats and caps that will make it big this year, especially this summer. Even trendy bags for men will make it’s presence!

Do you think men experiment with footwear?
Of late, men have started to experiment with footwear. I see a lot of men sporting colourful shoes, which is a good sign. However, they seem to experiment with footwear only in terms of shoes. Even slippers are a great choice. Slippers are not restricted for homes or beach wear; they make a good style statement even with trousers, denims and shorts. With several choices available for slippers, it’s time they pick them up as well.

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