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Chat with Manoviraj Khosla

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Indian Fashion - Indian Fashion Designer - Manoviraj Khosla's Interview
Chat with Manoviraj Khosla
08 th Oct 2012

Indian Fashion Designer and entrepreneur, Manoviraj Khosla has successfully transitioned from mens wear, multiplied his consumer base, designed some of the most recognizable uniforms in India at the same time. He also had some of India’s most fashionable cricketers walking the ramp at his fashion shows. “Designers are always trying to reinvent themselves. For me designing dresses for women, gave me another medium of creative expression. However, I love designing men’s wear. It’s what I started off with a thus feel most at home when designing for men." says Manoviraj.

“....Mankles too are a fad… its days of glory are limited. So enjoy them while they last", was the designer's take on "Mankles" Manoviraj says that, “ have to understand the corporate ethos of the company you designing the uniform for. Companies like Kingfisher and Nirula’s have a rich history and stand for something truly distinctive.

As a designer the challenge lies in understanding how the company sees itself and the image it wants to portray to its consumers and to the world at large. Obviously a uniform that you would design for a Kingfisher would never work for an Air India or Indian Airlines.

It’s really up to the designer on how he chooses to combine his creativity vision with that of organization’s image and values." Excerpts from an Interview given by Manoviraj Khosla to Rahul D. Gupta (of Design Dekko)

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