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The State Of Designer Menswear Fashion In India

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Arjun Rampal Photoshoot | The State Of Designer Menswear Fashion In India
The State Of Designer Menswear Fashion In India
30 th Nov 2015

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal first took to the spotlight when he kick-started his career working in the fashion industry as a model. Since then he has found success working as a television host, producer and most recently as an actor. He is currently filming the sequel to hit Indian rock musical ‘Rock On!’

When asked whether he believed that there was a lack of choice in male fashion he said that “It’s true, but only when compared to the kind of choice women have when it comes to fashion. Anyway, men are not good at making multiple choices. For women, they can do many things at one time; men on the other hand, can only focus on one thing at a time.”

Choice in men’s fashion does however seem to be increasing in India as more designers are creating and expanding their menswear range in light of an overcrowded womenswear market. At Lakme Fashion Week Manish Malhotra, who has made a name for himself as a fashion designer for women, introduced a men’s line consisting of jackets and tuxedos.

Designer menswear still has a long way to go to catch up with womenswear which accounts for the vast majority of the retail market. Menswear currently only accounts for 1% of the designer wear market in India. 

Image source: fanpop

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