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Manish Malhotra Part of the 100 Crore Fashion Club

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Manish Malhotra Part of the 100 Crore Club in Fashion- Manish Malhotra
Manish Malhotra Part of the 100 Crore Fashion Club
15 th Nov 2014


Famous fashion designer Manish Malhotra is one of the few designers in India to have a turnover of more than Rs. 100 crores. As Bollywood’s most loved designer, Manish Malhotra’s fashion label is not only extremely popular in India but internationally as well.

In a recent interview, Manish Malhotra mentions that when he first started, he used to design everything from dresses and saris to swimsuits but decided to stop and focus only on luxury Indian wear. Malhotra mentioned that Indian wear is his forte and he has a passion for designing glamorous, luxurious, festive and sensuous pieces that include a contemporary touch to traditional Indian wear.

The established designer also talks about his long term plans of expansion with the goal of improving Indian craftsmanship. Malhotra points out that in the last four years he is incorporating indigenous craftsmanship and techniques into his designs. For example, he uses chikankari from Mijwan with a modern take and also explains these pieces would typically take four to eight months to complete. He also believes that this is a form of self- empowerment for the women in Mijwan as well.

Malhotra thinks that another key to success is excellent customer service since that is the expectation that comes with luxury and also speaks about how he tries to customise and make each of his outfits unique so that every customer who buys his outfits feels that they have a special piece.

Malhotra recently gave a speech at the FICCI Ladies Organisation in Hyderabad on the ‘changing façade of fashion industry in India’ to over 250 members of the organisation and informed the media present there that he has ventured into jewellery design by collaborating with established luxury jewelers like Forevermark and Anmol Jewellers for creating exquisite pieces. 

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