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India Couture Week: Manish Malhotra goes vintage

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Alia Bhatt on the ramp for Indian Designer Manish Malhotra at India Couture Week
India Couture Week: Manish Malhotra goes vintage
24 th Jul 2014

Manish Malhotra's collection at the India Couture Week 2014 had ample elements of vintage - from the vintage gold work, use of kashmiri zari to the use of ivory thread embroidery on rich colours like emerald and ruby.

The designer said, “It has a very old world charm...old world, intricate embroidery. It took a lot of time. A lot of pieces took inhouse hand embroidery work of about three to four months. I thought that the whole take was modern. And by the title, we were talking about portraits which are really timeless. Tonight is one such timeless moment. It’s the first time Aditya and Alia are coming together.”

As with a Manish Malhotra show, one expected Bollywood presence and for this show, it was Alia Bhatt. The acress donned a heavily embroidered red lehenga for the final act.

Malhotra summed it up by saying: “The collection is speaking of Indian couture and bridal. The mirror work is a statement this season, and we are happy to use vintage red — the old world, bright red."

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