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Manish Arora: When Fashion Becomes A Sublime Art

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International Indian designer Manish Arora inspired by Art Deco
Manish Arora: When Fashion Becomes A Sublime Art
07 th Apr 2014

On 2nd April, the internationally acclaimed Indian designer Manish Arora showcased his newest collection at the 35th Perwoll Fashion Week in Belgrade.

Arora participated in the first India Fashion Week in the 2000, and in the same year he displayed at the Fashion Week in Hong Kong.

For the first time, in 2005, he showed his line at London Fashion Week and in 2007 at Paris Fashion Week.

In 2011 he created two collections for the French brand “Paco Rabanne”.

Today, the world-famous designer sells his collection around the world.

His collection is inspired by The international dancer Josephine Baker and Art Deco. This line shows optimistic vitality and the independent attitude of women in their twenties. Embroidery and sequins evoke heroines of ladies' emancipation such as Amelia Earhart.

Image source: Pinterest


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