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Manish Arora Turns Heads at Paris Fashion Week 2015

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Manish Arora Turns Heads at Paris Fashion Weeks 2015 | Manish Arora Collection at Paris Fashion Week 2015
Manish Arora Turns Heads at Paris Fashion Week 2015
23 rd Apr 2015

Paris fashion week was full of new and exciting ventures that got everyone who was lucky enough to attend talking about it. The audience were even treated to the popular series "Game of Thrones" seen through a kaleidoscope that was showcased on the Thursday of the event, as Manish Arora fashioned an impressive fantasyland of pretty warrior princesses and tribal chiefs in a burst of regal pinks and gold’s.

Manish Arora, who is also known as the "John Galliano of India" is extremely well known for his brightly coloured and eccentric designs, but the indian designer certainly outdid himself in his latest spectacular autumn/winter collection, armed with impressive gold breastplates and embellished skull handbags seen throughout the collection that was one not to be missed.

One of Manish Arora's model heroines dramatically went into battle wearing bright pink trainers and a huge feather Mohawk-style head piece with a matching nose ring, while her fellow heroines exhibited bright lime green fluffy jumpers embroidered with huge over-sized dragonflies.

Animals of all shapes and sizes were seen everywhere in the collection from the striking wolf design on a silky blue and pink dress embellished with bundles of crystals, to a bright pink owl that was actually perched on top of the shoulder of one of the models.

But moving away from the bright colours and cuddly animals, there was a distinct gothic twist with darker elements such as a gold breastplate sculpted to look like a rib cage and a classic skull motif used on a number of pieces throughout the mesmerising show.

Arora stated backstage after the show that the fantasy element was apart fo him and that he lives in his own fantasy, also adding that he loved the challenge of forming such an elaborate and unique collection.

Manish Arora is the only Indian designer regular on Paris fashion week's busy schedule that he shares with huge fashion labels such as Dior, Chanel and Valentino.

Sources: Fashionisers

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