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Manish Arora Spring 2014 Show at PFW

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Indian designer Manish Arora presented the Indian designer collection at The PFW
Manish Arora Spring 2014 Show at PFW
03 rd Oct 2013

Indian designer Manish Arora does not miss Paris Fashion Week, and this year he showcased a beautiful collection of styles for the upcoming Spring 2014.

Manish took inspiration by the imagery of 1920’s icon Josephine Baker, and had fun combining sportswear, fluo parkas and fringed skirts. Main characters of the collection were brilliant colours, in a palette that ranged from sorbet lemon to mint green - each of which gave a strong personality to the garments. Media attention was captured by fluorescent bracelets and bangles, banana-shaped earrings and kaleidoscopic embroideries.

But Manish did not play just with colours, the astonish collection includes dresses with asymmetrical cut and checky prints of staircase, lipstick and perfume bottles. Even if Indian culture and heritage of the designer is explored through bejewelled ornamentation, the V-neck plunging necklines and the heavy use of sequins and prints give to this collection a clear modern design.

The styles showcased were definitely very feminine, for woman that want seriously wants to catch some attention!

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