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Manish Arora: Retrospective Couture

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Manish Arora - Manish Arora: Retrospective Couture
Manish Arora: Retrospective Couture
14 th Aug 2012
After a long wait, the doors opened to admit a huge amount of fashionistas who had arrived to view one of most popular contemporary Indian designers in the fashion world, Manish Arora, presenting his current collection in India after a period of three long years. The long wait was worth it. The excited audience was received in an extraordinary setting: the catwalk was caged, the seats coloured with neon dots and whistles made of plastic sprinkled around. On the 3rd day of the prestigious Delhi Couture Week that took place at the Taj Palace Hotel, it did not feel like there was anything Indian on the catwalk. It was more a retrospective showcase of Manish Arora´s favourite pieces that he has displayed over the last 5 years at Paris Fashion Week. Instead of presenting the season´s themes, the indian designer showcased very special garments with topics like Circus, Baroque, Magic, Warrior and India Pop. Manish Arora inlcuded in his show dresses already worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katie Perry and others that India saw for the first time. The ramp was based on a prison-like theme with entry and exit points and a lot of serial lights in amazing and magical colours. The view was obviously disturbed by that innovative and unusual setting. The loud music, the lighting and the whistles from the attendees made it a very extravagant and exciting show. Models walked in their high heels with caution not to crash into the fancy setting. Nothing real Indian was showcased, no bridal wear, no gem studded jewellery. The standard of the haute couture collection that Manish Arora presented was absolutely international. "Couture in Paris has a lot to do with technicalities unlike in India where it is generally associated with festivity and celebration," explained the designer. Simple tunics with velvet patterns looking like lips, graffiti-like designs with neo-prints, armour like shoulders and very classy but extraordinary dresses in various styles and variations. "Inspiration comes easily but executing that idea is difficult. The butterfly dress (a beautiful empire cut dress with overcrowded butterfly appliques) took almost 6 months to make ready," Manish Arora said. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________Shop Contemporary Indian Fashion at Strand of Silk

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