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Manish Arora: Paris is my Priority

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Manish Arora - Manish Arora: Paris is my Priority
Manish Arora: Paris is my Priority
21 st Apr 2013

Indian fashion designer, Manish Arora, works with three brands: Indian by Manish Arora (available only in India), Fish Fry (available in India and globally) and Manish Arora, which is his Paris collection. Explaining the difference between India and international clients, he said: "They're different markets, but I find both exciting; otherwise I wouldn't be catering to them. With Paris, it's not just one country - the attention is from all over the world and the competition is very tough. In India, although it's based only in one country, the demand is very high." About Paco Rabanne, he said: "Working in a French fashion house was a privilege. Design-wise, I learnt something new every day, and it taught me how to live in Paris. I'd love to do something of that sort in the future, but I want to focus on my own three brands for now and establish them."

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