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Manish Arora - Indian Designers are Tailors

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Indian Fashion Designer Manish Arora
Manish Arora - Indian Designers are Tailors
07 th May 2012

Indian fashion designer Manish Arora has confessed that he has not been in touch with the Indian fashion scene as most Indian designers are just glorified tailors. “Indian fashion is 98% bridal wear, and I don’t think that is fashion. Designers here are making clothes that people want, and that makes Indian designers more of tailors,” said the designer at the launch of his Spring Summer 2012 collection. About India, he says, “I would want to experiment in India but the problem is that the market here is not that big and accessible.” He adds, “I don’t think I will be around here for too long as I’m busy promoting my brand internationally. Also, most of my buyers and clients are based abroad so I don’t think shifting to India is happening any time soon.

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