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Manish Arora: Indian Avant-garde Aesthetic and Designs

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Indian Designer Manish Arora Indian Aesthetic and Designs Fashion Bridal Couture
Manish Arora: Indian Avant-garde Aesthetic and Designs
22 nd Jul 2013

Manish Arora will present his new bridal line at the couture week in Delhi. In a recent interview he stressed the relevance of the bridal market in India, a very evolved and explored one.

In his words, "My aim is to transform bridal wear with a unique creative treatment that has always defined my brand aesthetics". In particular, in this new collection, the Indian designer has focused on juxtaposing surfaces with lush and flattering fabrics of bright hues to enhance femininity. Experimental and edgy bridal wear will not be missing too.

No doubts that with his creations Manish will contribute to the whole evolution of couture in India during these times.

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