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Manish Arora and His Fashion Sensibilities

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Indian Fashion Designer Manish Arora and His Fashion Sensibilities
Manish Arora and His Fashion Sensibilities
13 th Nov 2014


The exuberant 42-year old Indian designer Manish Arora left for San Francisco last week to judge the fashion show held by Arts of Fashion Foundation.

Arora’s designs are usually a fusion of radiant colours with intricate handwork. Arora sells couture pieces that are sold by upscale boutiques in many countries. Recently, Arora also opened his first store near Rue Cambon in Paris that features his sought after unconventional pieces. He also has another label called Indian by Manish Arora which features ethnic wear or suits and saris.

Manish Arora has collaborated with some of the biggest international brands like Swatch, Nespresso, Swarovski and Mac Cosmetics and also has a famous international clientele including artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and M.I.A. These celebrities are seen wearing his backpacks, beautiful donut shaped embroidered dresses and trendy sneakers from his latest collection.

When Arora was questioned about his fashion sensibility, he answered saying that he likes blending international styles and trends with some Indian elements. He also mentions how he spends half his month in Paris and half in Delhi to overlook all his work and focus on his product lines to ensure that he can launch five collections every year.

When he was asked about if he designs anything other than clothing and jewellery he spoke about how he created a short film that was named “Holi Holy” that he was inspired by in Benares, India. He explained that women in Benares are expected to wear white but during the Holi festival in Inidia, which is the festival of colours; people throw paints that are powdered on one another to celebrate spring. He believed that this was a symbol of these women celebrating their lives with colours instead of mourning their lives. Arora loves using vibrant colours and this was depicted in his symbolisation of it through his short film. The film won awards at the Asvoff Fashion Film Festival and the Nowness Festival.

He also believes that the Arts of Fashion Foundation offers a great platform for young fashion designers as it also offers them support with new skills and gives these designers a glimpse of the real world and what actually goes on before the runway. 

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