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Manish Arora’s Vibrant Line at India Couture Week

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Indian Fashion Designer Manish Arora's Vibrant Collection at India Couture Week 2014
Manish Arora’s Vibrant Line at India Couture Week
23 rd Jul 2014

As far as shows go, there are few that can match a Manish Arora show for creativity and style. The setting for the designer's India Couture Week show was the French Embassy in New Delhi.

True to his trademark style, the collections included psychedelic colours and trendy prints. “I love Indian tradition and colour and this is the reason why I believe that no other designer can play with so many colours in one garment like the way I do. I believe in telling stories through my designs and this is what my couture line was all about,” said Manish Arora.

“It was meant for all the powerful women who believes in creating name for themselves.” Asked about the reason for this offsite show, he said: “I think couture has its route from France so this was an ideal venue.”

The designer's show included 6 lines that varied in themes and were titled, “The Peacock,” “The Crown,” “The Jewels,” “The Light Fantastic,” “Iridescent” and “Temari.”

As part of the “The Jewels” theme, the styles were glamorous and the colours varied from green to powder blue and ivory on heavy crepe, duchesse satin and silk dupions. “The Light Fantastic” was inspired by the Light Festivals of Belgium and Paris and presented on the ramp through the use of embroidery and sequins of different sizes. 

Taking inspiration from the Peacock Room in Castello di Sammezzano in Italy’s Tuscany region, “The Peacock” collection was inspired by the Peacock room in Castello di Sammezzano in Italy and had a vibrant mix of gold rexine embroidery and 3D highlights on bright colour bases. “The Crown Story” derived its inspiration from the majestic crowns worn by historic monarchs, with the designs were translated beautifully and delicately in the collection that was feminine in its own way. The beautifully-intricate Temari is a celebrated craft for the Japanese aristocracy and this is what the “Temari” story was. 

Lastly, “Iridescent” was an ode to sheer, with the designs showcasing opalescent embroideries in traditional Indian motif. This collection served as a finale to the show.

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