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Mandira Bedi's Simplistic New Designer Sarees

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Mandira Bedi's Designer Sarees
Mandira Bedi's Simplistic New Designer Sarees
14 th Apr 2014


Mandira Bedi is an incredibly versatile woman having a successful acting career as well as moving into modeling. She is now starting a new artistic career of designing saris.
She explained why she is focusing on saris, “If you ask me to design an Anarkali or a Patiala salwar kameez, I will fail, miserably. But, when it comes to a sari, I will exceed your expectations. I have been adorning the six-yard beauty for the past two decades – be it on the red carpet or at social events.”
The designer has decided to exhibit her first designs in Ludhiana this is because she says, “women here are highly fashionable and the city is one of the biggest business hubs of the country.”
Mandira Bedi stated that her saris were simple and elegant, she liked to draw on contemporary influences but keep to a style that focused on creating a charming silhouette.
She stated that the reason she liked to take on different projects was because, “ I am of the opinion that we all must discover ourselves and should never underestimate ourselves. There is talent wrapped in all of us. But, we can unlock it only if we explore it. I feel happy for the fact that I rose above acting, which has added a lot of variety and charm in my life. After all, variety is the spice of life.”

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