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Mandira Bedi Presented Her New Glamorous Collection

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Mandira Bedi Presented Her New Glamorous Collection | Mandira Bedi
Mandira Bedi Presented Her New Glamorous Collection
02 nd Feb 2015


Reminiscing about the 22nd of November in San Jose, California, the model-actress and new designer Mandira Bedi let the city’s Glass House Lounge shine. She showcased her new collection called 'Joie de Vivre' (The Joy of Life 2014), that reminds one of autumn, because of the colours used like grey and warm brown. Moreover, some pieces represented the lighter tones of holidays, making the result simply amazing.

The designer is specialised in sarees that have been made to exude nothing but uniqueness and glamour. The organiser of the show was Janta Connection, which some time ago brought Vikram Phadnis and other Bollywood celebrities to the San Francisco Bay Area. Shereen Chand, founder of the company, shared his intention to export the idea of fashion weekend, similar to Lakme Fashion Show, to the U.S.

They chose Mandira Bedi because she is known to be a saree designer that caters to the modern women and she is committed to expanding her business to the U.S. Bedi, on her way back from her tour in the U.S. to present her collection, also passed through the Headquarters of Google and Facebook.

The event went on with a lot of fun for both models and guests with music such as 'Fireball' and 'Toxic', respectively by the artists Pitbull and Britney Spears. Bedi's collection was well received by everyone and at the end of the event, one guest had the chance to win a saree, offered by Bedi herself. To access the event, guests contributed $5 that were donated to Two Cents of Hope.


Source: We are celebrties

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